What is the Claytons Retirement

The Claytons Retirement is about finding a way to make money whilst having many and varied adventures on your quest. It is the retirement you have when you are not having a retirement. Instead of relying on a finite amount of savings, you have an infinite (time-wise) source of resources at your disposal. It is not work in the traditional sense of nine-to-five, and it isn’t even reliant on being in the same place.

I suppose it is effectively a traditional retirement where one of the pastimes is an enterprise funding it. 

One of the overriding benefits of the Claytons Retirement is retiring early, while you can still make the most of it, and without the risk of running out of savings.

For many, the aim of this enterprise won’t be to make the most amount of money (this requires a lot of effort, time and resources – echoing your entire working life), it will be to provide an income to pursue purpose and meaning – what makes you happy.

This is why we will approach The Claytons Retirement enterprise as a lifestyle business, and set the parameters as:

  • The business needs to be time fluid, so you can have time to have your adventures, and
  • Not be limited by location, mostly for the case of transient adventures, or at least the ability to work remotely. You can’t sail around the world, if you need to manage a market stall every other Sunday

Note: Time fluid does not mean not having to do any work, it means that you can put a lot of work in when required, so you can take that time off down the line. This is a small business, not a guarenteed lottery win.

The purpose of this site is to create a testbed to see how a real person goes creating several lifestyle business models, share ideas and work out viable revenue streams for YOUR Claytons Retirement.

Car versus Boat

It is surprising, at least to me, that our sedentary normal lifestyle of living in a house and going to work can be more expensive than our exotic adventures. I think this is best illustrated by the price of a new car, and the kind of adventure transport you could get for the same amount of money.

For LESS than one of these:

…you could get this!

…and it has everything to take you around the world, including a washing machine

…and the cost to live aboard it for a year whilst cruising the world is under US$20,000 a year, including insurance, excursions, food, fuel, etc. (See a great article on it here)

So the lesson here is don’t be envious of the guy in the Ferrari, look at the girl in the beat up old car, and wonder what boat she has and where she has sailed.

Real-life lifestyle business creation

Watch as I (a regular person in his fifties) create lifestyle businesses and report on the results, along with simple downloadable guides for you to follow at home.

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The Digital Enterprise Lab

I shall first create a fresh new website – I will call it my Digital Enterprise Lab – a testbed to host the varying enterprises and experiments.

I have quite a lot of experience using WordPress, and as this is the number-one way websites are created (and far more flexible than your web builders like Wix, etc), it makes sense for demonstration purposes.

The criteria for my digital testbed are:

  • It needs to host multiple domains – I want separate names for the sites – selling yoga mats on a site called primitivestructures.com just won’t work
  • It needs free SSL certificates for each domain – to avoid the horrible “Not Secure” warning and to comply with privacy regulations.
  • It needs to reasonably priced while not compromising on speed – a key criteria in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Once I have done that, I can create various email addresses to be used on third party sites, like Shoppify, Redbubble, Teespring, etc.


I would fully recommend following along with your own testbed so you too can conduct similar experiments with my instructions. Even if you find it isn’t for you, there will be the satisfaction of creating your own website that might translate to your local club – or if you are feeling particularly entrepreneurial, you might even be able to sell it as a blank site that is already set up. …

For less than US$50 you can create a website with:

  • domain name,
  • hosting,
  • e-commerce,
  • blog
  • Appointment booking
  • Event Tickets
  • Online courses
  • …plus lots more
Download the Digital Enterprise Lab ebook

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Download the Digital Enterprise Lab ebook
Download the Digital Enterprise Lab ebook

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