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Learn how-to by following a real person’s progress setting up and evaluating lifestyle businesses.

A website that encourages over-50’s entrepreneurs by following a real person’s progress setting up and evaluating lifestyle businesses to create an income stream to enable a semi-retired lifestyle independent of location …and have fun doing it. 

THREE STEPS to a Claytons Retirement


“A year from now you will wish you had started today”

Karen Lamb

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Jim Dobbin
This is me

Meet your guinea pig

My name is Jim and I am going to document my process of taking early retirement, Claytons-style. The good thing about it is I have had a bit of a head start in the lifestyle business side of things, having already been working for myself remotely for ten years. But if I just used that business, that would be cheating. I am going to start from scratch.
There is an awful lot of information floating around the internet teaching “Ways to make money,” but so far, I haven’t found any worth their salt*. Ironically, their business model is to create an income selling promises about creating an income.
So I will be creating several online businesses following different models, and documenting the trials and tribulations, along with the success or failure of each model, documenting how much work goes into each against the return.

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What is Claytons?

In the 70’s and 80’s, Australia and New Zealand aired what must be the best television ad yet created. The product was Claytons, a non-alcoholic whisky substitute with the tagline of, “The drink you have when you’re not having a drink.” Not many bought it, but the word Claytons has become part of the ANZ vernacular, sometimes meaning a somewhat ersatz substitute, though mostly it just means the same thing under a different name, ergo The Clayton’s Retirement is, “The retirement you have when you’re not having a retirement.”

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